SMM Promotion

According to statistics, 75% of the total active Internet users in Ukraine and Russia belong to social networks. Million people check daily their pages for new messages or just have fun in one or another group, track their favorite brands. All of them have something in common: time, place and action like in a theater performance.

Definitely, each social network has its unique portrait. VKontakte (the most favourite social network in post-USSR territory) is popular among everybody and Facebook auditorium has more respectable age and status. Odnoklassniki is a good meeting point for our parents. We find approach to everybody. We know where your product makes a boom and where it makes no sense to start ad campaign or open a corporate page.

Do you want SMM promotion? It is a child‘s play because that is a platform with ready tools and promotion mechanisms that requires only skilled hands. People are in permanent search for interesting things and products, you only have to appear and invite them in time. And that is our work to make it happen.

Our content studio offers SMM services for promotion of your goods, brand or company in social networks. It includes page creation and design as well as permanent group or account support. You only have to knock on our doors in time and answer several questions.

SMM Promotion has much in common with contextual advertising and is featured with possibility to make an exact advertising in a required segment. Sex, age and region are adjusted. We press a button and hand over the work to our copywriters and designers.

In spite of the fact that the conversion ratio of visitors to clients leaves much to be desired, the presence effect in this area becomes visible with the time. The older and bigger your social network group is (from 1-2 months), the higher is the public loyalty and interaction. The group is gathered around old timers and the group participants start to promote your goods or service, invite their friends and share links.

We work with Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Google+ and Odnoklassiniki. It is worth saying that contextual advertising determines promotion efficiency not only in SMM.

Any social network is a separate eco system, which may give you incredible flow of permanent clients, promote your brand in any region, support powerful ad campaign. The most important thing is to blend it and keep moving!

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