Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a kind of a magic button. No jokes, so called „context“ is popular among everybody. In some way, contextual advertising is a cure-all solution, one of the most efficient ad means. Let us explain it.

What are the contextual advertising advantages?

If you have something to sell and you want to boost your turnover manifolds, the contextual advertising will attract new visitors to your website already for several hours.

If placed correctly, the contextual advertising is able to find potential clients anywhere anytime. Everything what is required from attendance is to see your advertisement potential and click the link. Further client behaviour depends exclusively on your website content and your product range.
One thing you may be sure– your client has appeared and he is in your hands.

The best in the contextual advertising is that you never pay too much because you pay only for the real link click that costs from 0.5 UAH depending on competition in your business.

As contextual advertising is adjustable for a specific region, age, sex which means you can create your target group portrait, you may be sure that no client gets disappointed while clicking the link.

Thousands of people are searching for your goods and services every minute, every day as they enter required information in Internet. The first thing a user sees after pressing the search button is namely contextual advertising and if he is really interested and he belongs to your target group, he will select the best offer. But you took already care about it, did not you?

Contextual advertising has lightning-fast effect and acts quicker than SEO optimization. Boosting an inquiry to TOP search requires long work and sometimes correction of the promotion course. Yes, SEO is very efficient but in case of minimum budget and well planned ad campaign contextual advertisement may bring you more profit than SEO promotion at initial stage. The search engines may often change the information output pattern but they hardly change the pattern of their income source – the contextual advertising. And if it happens, that is only for better.

What do we offer?

  • Planning efficient advertising campaign. Thorough development, analysis, data comparison and project startup.
  • Correct creation of original and quality advertising texts based on exact selection of key words that are going to work.
  • Daily monitoring of ad campaign and its correction if required. Reporting based on Yandex.Metriki and Google Analytics.
  • Regional, age-wise and sex targeting. Compliance of advertisement and target group 95%. Two search systems and two social networks make it a full scope.
  • You see the immediate result. As the time passes by, you only feel more positive about your correct decision and we decide what else we should do to increase your ad efficiency.
  • With maximum efficiency and well developed approach we place contextual advertisement in Google and Yandex search engines as well as Facebook and VKontakte social networks.

Fine contextual advertising mechanism is an extremely powerful means to attract a specific target group to your website. That would be not wise to refuse from such a tool.

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